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  • The FRAXBACK COST action

    Understanding Fraxinus dieback in Europe and elaborating guidelines for sustainable management ...

  • European Ash dieback

    The disease started around 1992 in Poland and is now recorded in most European countries ...

  • European Ash

    European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) is one of the several Fraxinus species that is susceptible to the disease ...

Living with ash dieback in continental Europe: a seminar for stakeholders from UK and IE

This conference provides an opportunity for British stakeholders to benefit from experiences of ash dieback in continental Europe. Speakers include scientists working on ash dieback in France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Austria and Lithuania. VIDEOS FROM THE CONFERENCE ARE AVAILABLE HERE.

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European Ash dieback

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European Ash dieback causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees. It started around 1992 in Poland and by 2010 the disease had been recorded in 22 European countries.

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Aims and scopes of the FRAXBACK action

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Many European countries have national research programs on Fraxinus dieback, focusing on numerous aspects of the biology and ecology of the disease, but the activities are scattered. Aim of the FRAXBACK action is through sharing and synthesis of available knowledge - to generate comprehensive understanding of Fraxinus dieback phenomenon, and to elaborate state of the art practical guidelines for sustainable management of Fraxinus in Europe.

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The participants

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To this date, 26 European COST countries are participating to the FRAXBACK action. Five non-COST institutions from China, New Zealand, Russia and Ukraine are also involved.

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